Our Story


Kik Butt Life was named from a clothing label.

I was making clothing in 1996 for the markets in Lake Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand. Mainly Bootleg Pants. They were all the rage then! Some bootleg pants were made out of candlewick bedspreads, with the hems having the tassles on them.

I have always had a love for unique & sassy clothing. Often in the winter months, sewing unique pieces of clothing for my wardrobe.

Some years later….. brainstorming, Kik Butt Life was formed. Importing Unique & Sassy clothing for Men & Women.

Kik Butt Life supports ‘Fair Trade’. We are totally for ‘Fair Trade’. We only buy off our suppliers who are ‘Fair Trade’. ‘Fairtrade’ is providing good working conditions and good wages to your employees.

Kik Butt Clothing cares for the future well being of the planet. We are concerned about the environment & sustainability. Kik Butt Clothing cares about Worldly Issues.

We hope you enjoy your Kik Butt Clothing!

‘Kick fear & Self doubt in the Butt!’